IBRO calls for nominations for next Chief Editor of Neuroscience

The Executive Committee of IBRO has opened a search for candidates to serve as Editor-in-Chief for the Organization's journal, Neuroscience, which is published by Elsevier. The Editor-in-Chief of Neuroscience will be appointed for a four-year term beginning January 1, 2016, after a period of transition with the current editor, Stephen Lisberger.

Neuroscience is a peer-reviewed, international journal that publishes high quality papers describing the results of original research on any aspect of the scientific study of the nervous system. Any paper, however short or long, will be considered for publication provided that it reports significant, new, and carefully confirmed findings with full experimental details.

All applicants should provide a CV/Resume, a brief summary of any current and/or previous experience of editorial work for a peer reviewed publication, and a brief statement of no more than 1,000 words indicating his/her vision for the journal.

Self-nomination is encouraged. Applications must be received before September 30, 2014 and sent to Pierre Magistretti, President of IBRO (pierre.magistretti@epfl.ch). Questions may also be directed to Sten Grillner, IBRO Secretary-General (Sten.Grillner@ki.se). Interviews with the shortlisted candidates will take place at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Washington, DC , November 15-19, 2014. Appointment will be confirmed by February 28, 2015.

For more information on the responsibilities of the Editor position as well as the criteria for identifying the short listed candidates, please click here.

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